The Infinities 2009

Old Adam Godley’s time on earth is drawing to an end, and as his wife and children gather at the family home, little do they realize that they are not the only ones who have come to observe the spectacle. The mischievous Greek gods, too, have come; as tensions fray and desire bubbles over, their spying soon becomes intrusion becomes intervention, until the mortals’ lives — right before their eyes — seem to be changing faster than they can cope with. Overflowing with bawdy humour, Banville has allowed his twinkling eye to rove through memories of the past and relationships of the present in this moving family drama. The Infinities is both a salacious delight and a penetrating exploration of the terrifying, wonderful, immutable plight of being human.

‘This is unequivocally a work of brilliance’
— Justin Cartwright, Spectator

‘A poetic vision of boundless possibility’
— Literary Review

‘Full of dark humour and written with a deft eye for detail.’
— GQ

‘This darkly comic and fearsomely clever creation is a heady delight’
— Metro

‘Written in such saturatedly beautiful, luminous prose that every page delights, startles and uplifts’
— The Times

ISBN: 0330450255

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